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Why do we celebrate women ‘s day?

The world is celebrating the International Day of Women.

Saint Mary

In the Bible, we celebrate the greatest woman in history, Saint Mary, the Theotokos, the Mother of God. Because she gave birth, not only to a great man, but she gave birth to the only begotten Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ. God incarnated through our Mother, Saint Mary.
So, we look up to Saint Mary as the greatest woman in history.

Great Women in the bible

there are many mentions of great women in the Bible, starting from our mother Eve to the wife of Noah who shared the salvation, the rescue of her family in the Ark during the period of the flood, and also Sarah, the wife of Abraham. Sarah was praised by the word of God as the great mother of all Hebrews.

So, moving to Miriam, the sister of Moses, who led the praises to God. after the Exodus, after the salvation happened and the baptism happened in the Red Sea. We could read about Queen Esther. We could read about Ruth, the great loving person who loved her mother-in-law, and in return, she became the grandmother of the Lord Jesus Christ. So, we have mentions of great women in the Bible.

God created man and woman in his image

Some people may believe that the Bible or the Christian worldview is not putting women and men on the same level. in the early chapters of the book of Genesis, the Bible mentions that men and women are equal and of the same value before the eyes of God. God created man and woman in his image and likeness. their souls are more important than their bodies and are equally created in His image.

Women are valuable 

So, we are considering that men and women are equal. We never see men superior to women. Also, we never accept them to be superior to men, but both of them are valuable to God. Women should have a mission in life. Some of them may be great mothers in history, and others may offer other kinds of service to serve humanity. We celebrate all women, and the most important thing is to find your mission in life and to know your God, the Creator, and Savior.

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