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Who is Designer of the Universe?

Today I want to start a series with the title of Faith Capsules because I find out that most of people are hesitant in the faith. They have many questions about the Christian faith and why some Christians are not in panic like the others? What sort of God do they believe in? What kind of eternal life do they speak about? and Who is the designer of the world? So we have many questions.

First of all, the first capsule is about God himself. I will not speak much from the Bible. because I need to talk from logic and reasoning. because the world was made organized and well designed. So there should be a designer who started things to be this way.

Who is the designer according to logic?

An Intelligent man created computers, this computerized world is way organized; It should have the hands of a very great designer. So simply there should be some sort of God with a superpower that started everything. and according to our Christian Faith, we believe that this God is eternal, has no beginning, and has no end. because we are the creatures that have always a start and an end. but for the creator who started everything, he has no beginning, because he should be outside space and time.

So if he’s in time or space he’s not God. he can never be a God if he is Limited in time or Limited in space. also this God you can touch his attributes and characteristics. because this God is full of love. because when you look around, you can see the touches of love. animals are in a loving atmosphere, plants are living some touches of love, and children enjoying the love of the parents and families.

What is the best in life?

The best taste in this life is always related to love. so love is not man-made, it’s God’s will. it’s like a character in himself.
So the revelation given in our Bible, God Is Love, almighty God who could do anything, because the one who started and created all things and he is in control of all things, now he has this Almighty power, he can control things and he has a perfect will.

Do ever feel the goodness in your heart?

Human beings always feel like the goodness in our hearts, we love and enjoy the goodness in this life, and we enjoy watching any kind of movie speaking about virtues and values about humanity loving things and people. Also, we tend to be good at this source of goodness in God himself. So with the reasoning, we could see there is only one God, the almighty God, God of love, he started and created everything according to his Goodwill.

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