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Back To School – Adults Returning To A Different School

In the spirit of faith and understanding, let’s talk about something different from the usual “back to school” chatter. It’s about adults returning to a different kind of school – one where we learn about God, our life’s purpose, and how to find our way to heaven. Even though we’ve been around for a while, there’s always more to discover in our spiritual journey.

Think of this as our spiritual school, with a few important lessons:

Becoming Better Followers of God and the Church

Just like when we were in school, we need to be good students of God and active members of our faith community. This means attending religious services, reading sacred texts, and taking part in church activities.

Living a Pure Life

Imagine this as cleaning up our act. We need to make our hearts and minds cleaner and closer to God. By doing this, we can see God’s influence more clearly in our lives.


Think of this as spreading kindness. We need to love everyone, just like how we make friends and treat people with kindness. God’s love knows no limits, and we should try to be like Him.

Staying Humble

Humble means not thinking you’re better than others. Just like we respect our teachers and classmates, we should approach God with respect and without being too proud.

Growing Spiritually

Think of this as personal growth. We need to develop our relationship with God by praying, meditating, and thinking about our faith. This helps us feel closer to God.

Finding Happiness in God

Imagine finding joy in your faith. Connecting with God can bring happiness and peace, just like when something in school makes you really happy.

Now, to dive deeper into these important lessons and gain further insights, watch Father Dawood’s video on this subject. He offers valuable guidance and wisdom that can help you on your journey to knowing God better. 

So, even though we’re not in a regular school, there’s always more to learn about our faith. We may not be perfect, but by dedicating ourselves to these simple lessons, we can strengthen our connection with God and live a more meaningful life. So, let’s embrace this spiritual journey with open hearts and a desire to know God better.

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