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Who is God Incarnated Savior?

In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, one god. Amen.
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Speaking about the old testament people and the prophets, they were chosen by God and inspired by the spirit to deliver the message of truth. They preached about the coming savior. But, you know, these people were in themselves, were not perfect. They also were dying because the nature of humanity was corrupted.

So no one can save himself. Everyone is waiting for the salvation of the savior to come, even the good people. So, God came to our land to solve the problems of his beloved children. As we have said before, He is love. He created men in his image.

So, We are beloved creatures. We are the image of God. We are like sons and daughters of him. So He sent his only begotten son to save man. And for the son of god to come to our land, he had to have our human nature. 

You know, our human nature is different from his nature. He is God, he is full of divine nature.
So to be a man, he has to unite himself and his nature with the nature of human beings. And he had done this miracle through the incarnation.

St. Mary is the chosen girl of all humans; she was chosen to be the mother of God. Because in her womb it happened the unity between divine nature. And the human nature to bring out one person called Jesus christ, he is the son of man and the son of god, just one person of one nature of two natures.

Incarnated Savior God Jesus

Nature of God

Nature of God and nature of men now in one person. That’s very different from anything, you know, he is not only a man and he’s not now only a God. He was always God, but he became man, became man, just for us.
It was not necessary for him. He needs not to be a man, but we needed him badly. We needed him to come to save us because he is holy. He is so pure. He had no sin himself. There is no problem with himself. There is no death in his nature.

Now, he can bring us life again; he can bring it to us. The Holy life, he can bring to us the good life again, So he can share with us his eternal life.
we gave him our human nature with the corruption that happened in our natures, and he started to give us his pure eternal life through the unity of the divine nature with the human nature in the one-man called “Christ“.

The son of God. He is the Messiah awaited by all the prophets of the old covenant. And he is the savior waited upon by all human beings because they all suffer from death, and no one wants to die. Then, he’s ready now to redeem everyone. 

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