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St. Paul Coptic Service: The greatest will be your servant

We’re Saint Paul Coptic Service of Egypt. Our aim is to serve anyone in need. 

Besides helping our community in Egypt, we started outreaching communities in need in Africa and Asia in 2008. Coming from a developing country, we know how to work with similar communities in Africa and Asia. We understand that each community has its own needs. And there is value in connecting communities with those facing similar issues, who developed relevant solutions.

We’ve set our hearts on providing such communities with empowerment and resilience. Partnering with governments, civil society, and local communities, we work towards achieving UN sustainable development goals. And we empower local communities to take ownership of the goals. 

With a special focus on health and education, we now help 22 African and 13 Asian countries.

Our Volunteers

We believe that volunteering reflects the diversity in society. Our volunteers come from diversified social and cultural backgrounds and different fields of study and, most importantly, span a wide age range, which helps build a solid service.

We especially focus on encouraging youth to join our service based on our solid belief that youth are a cornerstone in realizing the SDGs. An increasing number of young volunteers are joining since we started out. 

More than 1500 volunteers went on several missions with St Paul Coptic Service till now. 

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