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The Free Will of Man 

Let’s get back to our program Faith CapsulesThe third capsule is about the free will of man. Because we said all creatures were limited in their kind. They have some desires, emotions, and physical things to do. But, they do not have this mind thinking of God, having civilization, or asking questions like who is God?

Why are we here? What is the afterlife?
These questions are not in the kingdom of animals. They are the bigger questions asked by men.

So, man is always different, but man is also different than any creature. He has free will. He can do things against the will of God himself. and a good father will give freedom to his son or his daughter. 

God is good

So they can do things, even if these things are not following the will of the father. because that’s the expression of love. God’s love allows man to do things his way and that’s the biblical idea, The free Will of man. We can understand all evil in this world. Our God is good.

God is the source of goodness, life, every good thing, and especially love. But because the man had this free, he chose not to be in the goodness of God, he chose to stay away from God.

Man chose the wrong choices, he made himself like God, so it happened like separation and because of this separation, men lost their lives, and because of this separation separated from the source of life. now we all suffer. we are suffering from diseases, sicknesses, tribulations, hardships, fears, and lastly, we suffer from death.

The outcome of our free will 

Because of our freedom, we had this corruption in our nature. we were not created in a corrupted form but the image of God. Therefore, the corruption was done by our free choice.

Our hands can feel it because many times, we do bad things and we feel morally, that we are not doing good. And we choose to do good and bad things.
So definitely we have the freedom, but when you do bad things, you stay away from God. Also, this separation is the source of all our problems. 

Relationship with God

So Christianity is about how to regain this unity, the relationship, and step back to the original image of God, so free will is the source of evil. May God bless you all.

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