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How can I know God’s Will for my life?

What is God’s will?

God’s will is well known and well revealed in the Bible. God wants everyone to be his son, a Saint, and catch the kingdom of heaven. God wants you to be his son and be Christ-like and understand the will of God in your personal life.

How to know God’s plan?

You need to come closer to God, pray more, study the Bible and spend more quality time with God.
You need to submit yourself to the commandments of the Bible. You need to enjoy the liturgy and the psalms. When you come closer to God, you can listen to his voice. You can know the will of God in your life. Especially in times of making decisions.

Where can I get guidance?

Also, you should visit your father for confession. Because sometimes you are biased in your decision with your emotions, attitude, towards somebody or some choices.
So you need guidance. You will get by your submission to your father of confession. Again, making big decisions, you have to take time, don’t rush. You need to listen carefully to God’s will and follow the word of God. Remind yourself always whatever you do, you have to be Christ-like.

know God's will

“ So when you focus on Christ himself, you will know exactly the will of God in you.”

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