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God is Love  

True Christian love everyone because God is Love

Back to our program: Faith Capsules. We spoke about the Holy sacraments of the church. It’s responsible for the truth, to deliver it to the whole world. But not all the people will accept it! Those who will accept it, they will be members of the family of the church. If you are a member of the family of God, you should be a man of love because the love of God will fill your heart with the holy spirit. because God is love.

Your life is just like a story of love,  you are following the steps of the Lord himself, loving everyone. 

That’s why we work here to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth. 

We have a mission in life.  We’re like ambassadors of heaven, because we speak about the real King of Kings, the real God.   Life is not to live here just a few years is to live forever through the relationship with the source of life, God himself.

god is love

Act of kindness

So by acts of kindness, we are real Christians, So if we fall from the level of loving everyone, if we fell into a hatred mess.  We are wicked. Again, we are not following Christ.

Not all Christians will be saved because if they failed to love others. they are not following Christ anymore. And also if they step back from their faith and they stopped following the bible’s commandments. 

They are not true members of the family. By having this new life, we should keep it. 

We should struggle all the time to follow the commandments. and to follow the steps of Christ, and to keep ourselves in this loving atmosphere all the time. so we can be God’s children. 

That’s the work us nowadays, we pray harder!

please God purify our hearts and lighten our minds, help us to love even our enemies, and help us to live our life as your children.

following exactly the steps of your only begotten son, our Lord Jesus Christ. 

So we believe that we cannot be saved without our effort. We need to do our part. God gave us free salvation through redemption.

He gave it freely through the holy spirit and holy sacraments. But now we have our role. We need to struggle to catch the kingdom of heaven. May God bless you all Amen!

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