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Who is the man? 

Back to our program Faith capsules.  According to science, some people may look saying: man is a kind of chemistry, physics, and biological things; He is like an evolved animal. okay, but I can not trust this much. because I can see many Aspects in men different from any chemical or physical physics in science or biology is much more than any animal or any plant seen in this world.
So according to the revelation of the bible and Christian faith, human is the very unique creature created in the image of God himself. so he is different from any other creatures on this earth. because God loved man. So, He created him to make him as his son. so he is like his father, his full of virtues built-in. you can see in your life that your heart is full of goodness and love. you have this capability of creating and inventing things. You have a mind never seen in any kind of animal.

Why God created man?

Because God created us differently in the image of himself.
That’s why we tend to know God. He created man to have a dialogue with him, God can talk to his son man, and man can talk back to his God. Because he has the image of God. But, he is limited in his nature.
because the only unlimited being is God. but being a creature he has his limits. we cannot say that man is eternal. we can never say that man has no beginning or end. According to the Christian faith, God created him in his image to live forever with him.

Back to the image of God

when human sticks to the image of God and continues to be the likeness of God and that’s the whole idea of the Christian faith.
Christianity does not speak much about morals and stories. It is all about making human back to the image of God and having eternity through the relationship with God, who is eternal. 

Therefore, God is the source of life, he gave life to his beloved man. The man lost his life in a way or another, and he is dying daily. God wanted to regain this life to give it back to his beloved man. May God bless you all.

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