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What is Holy Baptism?

The role of the Holy Spirit

Holy Baptism and Holy Myron

The church’s work in the new covenant is through the Holy Sacrament. It started with Holy Baptism. So we have to be born again because we were born of our mothers. We were born to die. Our mothers can never save us for eternity. Because we will die. But we have a new life through Holy Baptism.

Our Godfather will offer us eternity. Because that’s his gift to his children. So we have to be born again; that’s the Holy Baptism in the church by the church-ordained priest.
So we believe in the Holy Baptism as to be born again. We will have the gift of the Myron, the oil of Myron, which is like the oil of the holy spirit. Now we become the altars of the holy spirit. 

We can say that we are the chosen people of God. Now we can say the kingdom of heaven came to our hearts. We are his people, kingdom, and his family.
So, now we can pray “Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.”

With the gift of the Holy Baptism and the Holy Myron, now we are different from anyone on earth! Now there are two different entities. The first entity is the people who are still following Adam and Eve. The second entity is the church people, who are following the new Adam, our Lord Jesus Christ.

So the new people are the chosen ones. And when we say chosen, because they chose to follow Christ because God’s will is to have all the world’s people inside his church. Inside his kingdom. He came to die for everyone. but, the offer is not accepted by many people. These are the world’s people. 

So you will be like one member in the world or one member in the church. By following the church, you will have eternal life following the world. You will die like others.
May God bless you all.

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