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the bible

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So we will come under the coverage of his salvation all the time. That’s why that is the sacrament of repentance, the holy sacrament of confession. I admit my sins. 

Praying: “God, please have mercy upon me.” And then I go to the church which I was born again, to be his child. 

The church will give me the gift of forgiveness from heaven because this gift of forgiveness is God’s gift, given to his people.

According to their faith & repentance. So the church now is offering forgiveness freely to all people. When they come believing in Christ, having the holy Baptism, being new members in the church, and repenting everyday. So all their bad deeds and sins will be forgiven, and God will accept them. They will be real children to God. And they will inherit his kingdom of heaven. May God bless you all. Amen.

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