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Why did Jesus die for us on the Cross?

New Adam

So when you follow Christ, you may die with him; but make sure that you will rise up from death like him.

So you will have another life; the eternal life was planned by God, for his people from the first start, from the first beginning. So now the Redeemer, the Savior, he died for us. He rose from the dead just for us. He brought new life with him.

He offered himself on the cross. He showed his love. Eternally everyone is ready to accept all generations. In his kingdom, but just come, believe in him, follow him, stick to him, ask for his forgiveness, ask for his eternity because that’s his will. 

He came to save us. So the new Adam, the new source of life who came to save us, rose from the dead in order to overcome death running inside our cells.

That’s why we are believers when it comes to death; we are accepting this very good news because now we will start a free life. The new life, the righteous life, the life planned by God originally. So we are happy with this. Not afraid of anything like this. May God bless you all. Amen.

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