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Is Jesus God or Just a Good Man?

According to the beliefs of Christians, according to the revelation of the Bible, yes, Jesus is God and the only God, the true God, and Jesus proved to be God because he spoke about himself as God. Most people did not accept him as God. That’s why they tried to kill him many times until they could catch him and crucify him. But, as you may know, Jesus not only spoke about himself as God but also demonstrated his divinity through miracles.

Jesus resuscitated Lazarus from the grave

He had worked all types of miracles with his authorty without prayer. He cast out demons. Also, Jesus could heal all types of sickness. and he could give new life to some of the dead, like “Lazarus”. So, with all these miracles, and he spoke about himself as God, not only a prophet. Also, with the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus is a full God and a full man in one person

He proved to be not only a man but God. The problem for many people is that when we speak about Jesus as God, they cannot understand how it could be. He is a man, but we are talking about God incarnate. Also, He is fully God and fully man in one person. He is always God. And he has always been a man because he was born of Saint Mary. So he was there before his birth, his human birth. He was always the light of God. The wisdom of God, the Logos of God, the son of God, the only begotten son of God, the light of light, true God of true God. But he came for our redemption. He came to reveal the secret of his nature.

He is the Perfect Teacher

He came to be the shepherd of all human beings. And when we follow him, he will take us to his kingdom, the kingdom of heaven, according to his promise. So Jesus is God because he was never lying and his teaching was the best teachings. He also did all sorts of miracles and signs to prove his divinity. Moreover, He rose from the dead by his own power. When we speak about the witnesses of the prophecies, all the prophets in the old testament, guided by the holy spirit, were speaking about God incarnate.

God will come, but he will come in the flesh. Also, He will come as a man, because God can do anything. And it’s very much accepted because when we speak about God being Love, for God as a father, he had to come to visit his children and to mingle with us to be one of us. That’s why we consider the son of God became the son of man in order to invite all the sons of men to be the children of God. That’s the story of salvation. So Jesus is the real God. The books spoke about him as God. The miracles testified to him as God. His redirection was unique because he is God. He could give life to all the dead. 

He Will Come Again

And also, you promise to come again as the only judge for all people in all generations. Therefore, when we believe him as the creator, the designer, the savior, the shepherd, the king, the one who is always in control and the perfect teacher, he is giving his holy spirit to his followers.

The believers will be given the spirit of God to be like Christ, to follow his steps. Now we have the promise to be members of his kingdom forever. So we need to believe in this as he revealed himself as the real God. Glory to God. Amen.

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