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Why women are downgraded in Christianity

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God, Amen

Why women are downgraded in Christianity?

It’s now a common question. Actually, the question is not correct simply because women were never downgraded in the Bible or in Christian worldview.

Equality in Creation

Simply when you revise the book of Genesis, you will find out that man and woman were created on the image of God, on the likeness of God. So they are both equal because both of them, Adam and Eve, were created on His image. That’s the baseline of our Christian worldview toward men and women. They are both created on the image and likeness of the Lord Himself.
Women of Faith: A Glorious Tapestry in Christian Scriptures, from Saint Mary to Esther and Mary Magdalene

So the Lord Himself accepted to be born from a woman. That’s why in Christian view we consider Saint Mary the Queen of the Church, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, and the most beloved person after the Lord Himself. So we honor Saint Mary so much and she is a woman. Also when you revise the books of the Old Testament, you will find many women as great figures in the Bible. Like, you know, the Queen Esther, like the widow called Judas, like the prophet Mary, the sister of Moses and Aaron. So we had seen many great women.There were some holy books named after women named like the book of Ruth, like the book of Esther.Also in the New Testament we had seen many women were serving the Lord.Remember also in the day of His resurrection the Lord planned that the first one who, you know, proclaimed the good news of His resurrection was Mary Magdalene

The Role of Women in Faith: Exploring Christian Perspectives on Priesthood and Spiritual Equality

Before even the apostles proclaimed the good news. So we never think that women are, you know, less than men. That’s not correct. But when we speak about the priesthood and the function in the Church, because the priesthood is considered the work of the Lord Jesus Christ inside the Church through the priesthood. That’s why Adam was the man, the Lord Jesus Christ, you know, chose His apostles as men. So the priesthood is simply manhood. But you know, it does not mean that when we speak about the saints, all the fathers of the Church or the priests are better than other saints, whether men or women. Definitely in the eternal life we will see great women much greater and glorified than many other men or priests.

Cherishing the Sacrament of Matrimony: A Christian Perspective on the Sacred Union Reflecting Divine Love

So again the question is not correct because in Christian view we respect women so much. That’s why we look up to the sacrament of marriage, the holy sacrament of matrimony with very, you know, high level of honor and respect simply because we made it like the relationship between the Lord Himself and the Church.

Honoring Women as Divine Leaders and Daughters

So if we are downgrading women, we are downgrading the Church itself, which is never the case in our belief. So women are really called to be saints in Christian view. They were leaders, they were prophets, they were queens, they were simply daughters of the Lord Himself. So we respect women as exactly we respect everyone.

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