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Role Model

Perfect teacher & Role Model

The name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, one God. Amen, back to our program, Faith capsules

Lord, Jesus Christ. He is our God and our role model, because he, the son of God, one God, father and son, and holy spirit, one nature. But the son of God came to save us because he, the one who can save us, because he is the source of life; because he is all-powerful, and he can do everything, and he can recreate us in a new life. 

So when Christ came, he lived a normal human life without sin. So he showed us how to live our lives, you know, kind of regaining the image of God, because he is a real God and a real man.

So he became the perfect teacher and he showed us how to live our lives in purity and righteousness. He lived all the good morals, so being a man, now we can follow him easily, because we couldn’t know how to do things in the right way. 

Now we can know, that He is the only role model for everyone; he did not come only to show his divinity, his power over everything. But also he came to show us how to live a real good life, to catch the kingdom of heaven. 

Then Christ came to redeem us to die for us to get killed for us to offer his body at the sacrifice for all generations. Because of the power of his blood, he can give it like a ransom for all our sins. He paid the debt. That’s why Christ chose to be crucified for all men. God himself was crucified.

But, you know, when we speak about God now in his human nature. Because he is God. Live forever having this divine nature, but having human nature,

Now he can be killed like any man; he can die like us. So the event of his death could never happen related to his divine nature alone. But having a body like us, a real human nature, he can offer this as a ransom for everyone. So Christ came for our salvation, for our redemption.

Now he moved to the cross. He was killed at the hands of the Jewish people and the Roman people, and even the people of Israel, the people who were chosen before to be God’s people, chose to kill him.

And others who worshiped idols also shared in killing him.

So all people shared in offering him as a sacrifice. He died for everyone. Redemption happened because we are all killed in ourselves. After all, now we should die. But because of his death, now we are released from captivity and the authority of death. That’s the meaning of our redemption and our salvation. May God bless you all.

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