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The Chosen People of God   

Prophets are the Chosen People of God

In The name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, one God. Amen. Let’s get back to our program Faith Capsules.

There is one group of people, one nation called “Israel“; Who was chosen by God. They were not chosen, because these people are better than any other people. But because their grandfather Abraham, who was like a friend of God who had this love of God in his heart; He left everything to follow God.
And because of this chosen Abraham, the offspring of Abraham, we’re called the chosen people. But this choice was also, you know, related much to following the steps of Abraham, to have the same faith and the same law given to these people. But the people refused to be Abraham’s offspring. They refused to be like him in loving God and loving others.

They loved the dark side and they loved life here. They never think of eternal life. That’s why we know now that these people are not the people of God anymore, because God was not into giving himself to one group of people.

God's Covenant With Abraham

God loved men

God wants everyone to be saved, but this choice happened in the Old Testament to keep his holy promises and to keep the prophecies prophesizing about the real Messiah coming; that’s why after Abraham, the last thousand years before Christ, we faced many prophets speaking about the coming God.
So Isaiah spoke about his birth, and Micah spoke about the place of his birth.
Isaiah spoke about the cross and the sufferings he passed through; all the prophets spoke about the resurrection and the new life. And Jeremiah spoke about the new covenant.
So these people prophesied about the coming future of humanity. The salvation coming to earth from heaven; the real God coming to save his people. So all these prophets, from David till the last one, Malachi, you know, used to speak about Christ. 

But most of the people of Israel refused their words, and most of the nations were following idols at that time; then Christ came to save all these, the Old Testament people and the New Testament people, and all people living on earth. So the prophets preceded the coming of the Lord. And the last one considered is John the Baptist, because he is according to the words given by the Lord himself, much more, better than any prophet. He is the friend of God because his life was like a perfect life. And John, the Baptist spoke about the coming of Christ soon.

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