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when did God couldn’t be remain silent?

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, One God. Amen.

When we speak about the corrupted nature of men, now God being full of love, he cannot stand, you know, silent forever. Seeing men in corruption and death. That’s not his will to be a good father. 

He should reveal the truth, he should interfere with this problem, and he should solve the problem himself. So he revealed himself through nature. He created everything around us to speak about him.

So when you look around, you look at the sky, stars, earth, plants, animals, birds, and everything created with good hands in a perfect design. So now you can understand, you know, kind of some of the characteristics of God. He’s a good and beautiful and full of love.

And the first revelation in the book of nature. Everyone can see the hands of God through the creatures and the book of nature. Then, it came to happen that people worshiped nature in itself, animals, stars, and the sun.

So they were in trouble because they rejected the simple truth of God. but they followed their ideas.

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