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What is the difference between our Nature and God’s?

Now we have to speak about, we are related to each other as a big family so we have our father Adam the first man and our mother Eve the first woman and we are all related to each other as members in one family and because of the sin, entered their nature we all born like sinners we have this corruption in our nature,

so we all have the same problem, pain and suffering, also we all have this desire to know God, we all wish to live forever because this desire or wish inside the hearts of all men no one love to die, no one love even in itself.

Everyone is seeking the truth, the knowledge of God, the meaning of life, and also the big question of what is an afterlife, is so related to each other as one nature of human beings, we never speak about different natures. all men have the same characteristics as a man.

So we have One nature speaking about God’s nature is different, because there’s only one God, one divine nature. like one human nature. but according to the revelation given by God himself. 

when he spoke about himself because he is different in his nature, he spoke about God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. even me and you having some logos some logic and some spirit of life so we can see like the Trinity in ourselves so speaking about God the Father, he begets his son, light of light, true God of true God.
Because when we speak about God created, God made things, things are different from his nature.

The Son

But speaking about, the son had the same nature as his father. When you think about yourself as a father, your son is a man like you.
but when you create things, these things are different from your nature. so the only begotten son: “Our Lord Jesus Christ“, our beloved Jesus Christ our God, he is the true God of true God, the true light of true light.

That’s why we call him the only begotten son and, we never speak about, you know, physical birth because God has different nature but to understand the idea the word in the Bible. he is like the son to his Father but the unique son, the only begotten son and, he has his spirit that we call the Holy Spirit.

God has one nature

So according to our belief, as Christian, God has one nature, one divine nature different from the nature of people. he’s God, the father the son, and the Holy Spirit, one divine nature, one will of God, one being of God but, God speaks through his logos, who is called the son. God gives life to everything through his spirit, the source of life but God is doing everything. 

God the Holy Trinity, so nowadays we can understand that God’s nature is different, but because God loved men he wanted men to share him his eternity out of his life, so men were called to be God’s children and that’s Christianity. May God bless you all.

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