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What is the Antidote of Immortality?

How to get this antidote?


God's gift for his people

So by eating his holy body and drinking his holy blood, we have this antidote, we are not afraid of dying. Anymore. We are happy sleeping because after this sleeping, we will enjoy eternity. 

We are waiting for our Lord to come again, and to give us the new life, the kingdom of heaven, the eternal life. 

Why don’t you believe in the vaccine of eternity and the antidote of immortality? 

Because God should give his people, something that, you know, kind of guarding them against any kind of death. The people following God like children. They are following the father and they should believe in their father believing in Christ. As the only forgotten son of the father he gave it to us.

when we come to the Eucharist in the church, we are happy enjoying eternity by eating the holy body and drinking the holy blood. In order to reach this minute, we need to have faith. 

We need to believe in the holy body and blood of Christ. We need to be born again in the church. by doing this now we are starting a new life eternally. we are not afraid anymore of this Immortality. May God bless you all. Amen.

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