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The Miraculous Significance of St. Mary

in the Coptic Orthodox Church

From the depths of history to the hearts of believers, the figure of St. Mary stands as a testament to strong faith and divine love. In the Coptic Orthodox Church, she is more than a biblical character; she is an embodiment of spiritual strength and intercession.

The Special Mother: Mother of God Incarnate

In the Coptic church, St. Mary is cherished as the “Theotokos,” a title steeped in theological significance. This designation does not imply that she is the source of God’s divinity, but rather emphasizes her role as the bearer of God incarnate. In her womb, the miraculous union of divinity and humanity took place, making her the sacred vessel through which God chose to enter the world. Her love and devotion to God’s plan continue to inspire believers to this day.

The Mother Of everyone

St. Mary’s significance goes beyond her role as the Mother of God. In the Coptic Orthodox belief, she is also revered as the Mother of all humans and beings. As God incarnate, Jesus Christ became the Savior for all humanity, and thus, St. Mary holds a special place as the Mother of the Savior and the spiritual Mother of every believer. Her love and care extend to all, making her a source of comfort and hope for those who seek her intercession.

A Helper in Prayers and Our Queen

In the Coptic Orthodox Church, we believe that St. Mary can talk to Jesus on our behalf. We see her as a powerful helper in prayers, and in our worship, we lovingly call her “Our Queen.” Through her prayers, believers find comfort and strength when they need it most.

The Miracle of Staying a Virgin

One of the most amazing things about St. Mary is that she remained a virgin even after giving birth to Jesus. This shows her unique and special role in God’s plan. Her purity and faithfulness make her a revered figure in the Church.

“All Generations Will Honor You”

In the Bible, it is written, “All generations shall call me blessed” (Luke 1:48). This biblical truth reinforces the everlasting significance of St. Mary. Her devotion and love for God have touched the hearts of believers throughout history and continue to be celebrated and cherished across generations.

If you want to learn more about St. Mary and the Coptic Orthodox Church’s beliefs, we invite you to watch Father Daoud Lamai’s video called “Do We Believe in St. Mary?” It’s an enlightening talk that will deepen your understanding of her significance in our faith. May St. Mary’s love and intercession guide you in your spiritual journey.

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