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8 Lessons from the Life of St. Mary

In the heart of the Coptic Orthodox Church, one figure shines with divine virtues and love—Virgin Mary, the Theotokos. 

Her profound

 continue to inspire us all.

Mary's Humility A Model of Faith

Mary’s humility is a beautiful example for all of us. She embraced God’s plan with a simple and trusting heart. In the Coptic Orthodox Church, we are encouraged to humbly surrender ourselves to God’s will, just as Mary did, finding strength in her example.

Lively Faith and Trusting Obedience

The lively faith of the Theotokos is a source of hope and encouragement. Her complete trust in God’s promises serves as a guiding light for us. Through Mary, we learn the value of trusting obedience, following God’s commandments with love and devotion.

Continual Prayer: Staying Connected with God

Mary’s life of continual prayer is a reminder that we can stay close to God in every moment of our day. Whether in our daily duties or quiet moments, we can converse with the Divine, seeking guidance and offering gratitude.

Universal Mortification Embracing Sacrifice for Love

Mary’s selfless love and sacrifice inspire us to embrace universal mortification. By putting God and others first, we can find true joy and draw closer to Christ.

Divine Purity and Compassionate Love

In the Coptic Orthodox Church, we admire Mary’s divine purity and her ardent charity. Her unwavering love for God and humanity urges us to show kindness and compassion to those around us.

Heroic Patience and Endurance in Love

Mary’s heroic patience, especially during her Son’s crucifixion, teaches us the power of enduring love. Through her example, we learn to find strength in difficult times and offer our sufferings in union with Christ.

Divine Wisdom: Seeking God's Guidance

Mary’s divine wisdom allowed her to understand God’s will and act accordingly. In our lives, we seek her intercession to gain wisdom and align our hearts with God’s purpose.

Embracing the Love of Virgin Mary

In the Coptic Orthodox Church, we cherish the love of Virgin Mary, the Theotokos. She leads us to her Son, Jesus Christ, and shows us the path of humility, love, and faith. As we strive to follow her example, we draw closer to God and find inspiration in our daily lives.

Let us all embrace the love of Virgin Mary and seek her intercession as we journey on the path of faith and devotion. Her guiding light will continue to inspire and lead us toward a deeper connection with our Lord.


For further insights into the life and virtues of the Virgin Mary, we invite you to listen to Father Daoud Lamai’s enlightening videos. Join us on our YouTube channel  to discover more about the extraordinary journey of our beloved Mother Mary. May her love and grace be a guiding presence in our lives, now and always.

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