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Who is Jesus?

Jesus for Christians is the son of God. The true God of true God, true light of true light . Is the seeing God, God, the only God who we could see him. So according to the Christian worldview, God revealed himself through incarnation when he sent his only begotten son to be the son of the man.

So we worship Jesus as God. And we follow Jesus as the perfect man. And in Jesus we could see the unity between the divine nature and the human nature in one person in one nature.


So Jesus Christ is like not two person, just one person is always God , and he is always ,man. That’s why he is the perfect man. So Jesus Christ is the core of the Bible is the good news of the Bible. Christians hope in Jesus , Christians trust in Jesus, Christians love Jesus from their heart because he is the seeing God.


Also Jesus was the perfect man, when he lived on earth , he had done everything in its perfect way. He loved everyone. He loved his enemies. He taught us how to love everyone. He taught us how to be decent and humble. He was the wisest in history because he’s not only the son of man, but also the son of God. And he promised us .

He showed us his power, the almighty power, because he redeemed us. He accepted to be crucified for us and with his power divine power, he rose from the death and he delivered this power of resurrection to his followers. When we believe in him, when we get the new life through the. Holy Baptism.


Now we are in him having his holy spirit. Our names now are written in his book, the book of life, the eternal life . So he came speaking about the kingdom of heaven. He never accepted to be the king of earth. He had no kingdom in this life. He was always into the kingdom of eternal life . The kingdom of heaven and he taught us how to focus on the coming life. Not on this life. We preach the law of love. We preach the law of peace. We love everyone and invite everyone to follow Jesus Christ because he is the only way, he the life, he the resurrection, he the light , He the wisdom, he is everything for Christians. And when we pray, we speak to Christ. And when we pray, we spend time with him. And when we pray to him, his spirit filled our hearts.


So we become Christ like, so Christians are just like Christ following his steps, teaching his way, and also calling everyone to follow him. Jesus Christ is the one in history. Every one saw him could see the difference between him and any other prophet, any other teacher in history, because he had done many miracles. He saved many lives. He healed all the sick people in his age and he had the power of resurrection. No man had this power, the only begotten son of God, the only perfect man. Our Lord Jesus Christ promising everyone to catch the kingdom of heaven, glory to God. Amen.

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