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What is Heaven?

Speaking about heaven spiritually? It’s not the heaven we see full of clouds. It’s kind of a place in which we will enjoy living with God and all the saints, all the angels, all the spiritual Guys Forever.

For us, Christians, heaven The kingdom of God, heaven is the life. After this life, heaven is the gift of God, to his people, to his followers, to the believers, heaven is the goal of God for his children. God created men to live forever with him in heaven.

So. earth is not the goal of God, because we all see that this life is not the perfect one. We are suffering. We are in pains. We are waiting to die. We are having the fears , the tears, the problems, the trials, the hardships we need to be perfect, but we cannot, you know, gain this perfection.

So speaking about heaven, that’s the perfect image of man. That’s the perfect goal of man. So living in heaven, meaning that we will live forever. There is no death in heaven. There is no pain. There is no sin. There is no bad things happening. There is no bad feelings, there is always love. There is always peace .We can see God, the unseen God.

We can see all the historical figures who became our, you know, models, role models, because these people are living with God forever. So we can enjoy seeing the prophets, the saints, and also the angels. Who we cannot see for now. We will have their fellowship forever in heaven.

Christ spoke about heaven. Not only like a place, we will go after life, but also as a status in our hearts. We can feel heaven in our hearts when we enjoy be filled with this. When we have the peace of God, the love of God, when we care for the goals of God, we are having his kingdom inside us and living with the kingdom of heaven inside our hearts.

We can preach the word of God. We can invite everyone to come and taste heaven from now. That’s why we used to pray. Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Let it be also on us. May God bless your all. Amen.

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