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What is the Bible?

The Bible simply the book of Christians. And according to their belief, it’s the book inspired by God himself. But we mean by inspiration that people spoke the word of God guided by the holy spirit, the prophets in the old Testament and the apostles in the new Testament spoke the truth on behalf of God.

So they were inspired to give us the delivered message of God, to tell us the story of man and the story of life. So according to the Bible, we know that there is only one God, the creator, the designer, and he had a loving God, God, the father. And he had his only begotten son, the light of God, the wisdom of God .

By him. He created everything. And through his holy spirit, we were created on his image, according to the word of the Bible, man, having the freewill went away from the will of God. He broke the commandment. So he started to live a sinful life and to live away from the will of God. So he is suffering up to death.

God, according to the Bible came to save men. He sent his only begotten son, our Lord Jesus Christ to save humanity. So the prophets spoke about the coming Messiah, the coming of Christ, the apostles preached the word of God that the logos is coming and he came to save everyone. So all the books of the Bible related to the Lord, Jesus Christ . The prophets spoke about him before his coming, the apostles spoke about him after his coming , and everyone was directing our attention to know God, to believe in him, to follow Christ because now he became the son of man. He became the full image of God. We could see God in Jesus Christ. We could follow God by following Jesus Christ .

The new Testament spoke about the perfect law of God. The perfect law of love when you love God and you love people up to you Love animals. Now you are the son of God. You are enjoying the spirit of God. You are guided by the spirit . In your life. People could see the perfect life related to the perfect law. related to the perfect man , the Lord Jesus Christ . Also in the Bible, you can study the history, but you know, it’s not about history. It’s the relationship between God and men. God created men to know him. To understand his will to follow his will, but people, you know, refused to follow God and they love to follow themselves. They love to follow science to follow idols.

And in this, they lost their life forever. By the Bible. We can catch eternity. We can know the way, how to live forever with God through his commandments. So let’s start studying the Bible and enjoying listening to the word of God, glory to God. Amen.

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