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Can Jesus be my friend?

Yes, actually that’s his will. It’s his desire to be a friend of all human beings because Jesus Christ is God incarnate. He came to be the friend of human beings. He came to save us. He loved us so much. And when we spend time speaking to him, although we cannot see him by eyes, we feel his presence because he, the living person is always alive.

He rose from the dead and he is always there waiting for us to call him, to speak to him. And he wants to spend time with everyone. And when we speak to him in our way, in whatever language and whatever need we have , in whatever desire or wish he is always listening.

And you will feel it when you pray that you will feel the joy of the spirit, the love of God, the peace of heaven, because when did this is closer to you, you can be filled with his spirit and you can live different lives. You can enjoy life with when you have.

The friend called Jesus Christ. He is always available. You can speak to him at night, early in the morning when you have no one around, it’s the time to speak to him. Just name his name, ask him for his blessing, his forgiveness, his wisdom, his love , his care. He is always the person of promises. The person of hope because being God, the almighty God, and he’s offering all the help to his people and he is not, you know, kind of, controlling your life. No, he is offering the help you control the life you care for, but with Christ you will have a different taste of life. And when you know Christ, you will love him. And you can speak about him because he is not.

The man of the books, is not a historical figure is not a theoretical idea. He, is living person . Go on start speaking to him. And when you read his words in the Bible, when you study his life in the gospel, Of the new Testament.

You can see how he offered his love to everyone. And how was he always ready to help and to forgive and to guide the steps of everyone to catch the kingdom of heaven . Jesus Christ is your friend, Jesus Christ is the creator, the savior, the king, the good shepherd. And he’s waiting everyone .

To enjoy eternal life with him. And now it’s time to know him. Let’s start speaking to him and listening to his word glory to God. Amen.

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