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Who is God and Where is He?

People speak about God. Nowadays, Someone says there is no God, it’s only nature. Others may say, “He is cruel, bad and tough.” Others believe like Christians. God is love, the father. So let me tell you, according to our faith as Christians, God is a loving father. 

And because he loves humanity so much, he sent his only begotten son to save us, our Lord Jesus Christ. And his goal is to take all of us to heaven. He promised us eternal life in the kingdom of heaven. This life is not the only life. There is another life that is an afterlife, and it is a terminal life.

And because of this eternal life, God is doing everything for the salvation of everyone. So we believe what’s happening nowadays is going, perfectly according to God’s will because God is warning everyone to believe in him, to come back to him, to believe in eternity, and to find eternal life by not focusing much on this life. Most people want Covid19 to stop in order to regain their usual life. 

But this usual life will end up in eternal death. But we need to focus on another life, which is eternal life. So He is a loving father. Believe in him.

And if you believe in him, you will feel the peace of God. And now you can start a new life. Having a mission in life, a mission of love and goodness to everyone.

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