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What is meant by salvation according to the Bible ?

The name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit one God, Amen.
Let’s get back to your program, faith capsules.

We spoke about the prophets and the apostles. Holy Spirit inspired them to reveal the truth and knowledge of God. but God spoke about salvation. The rescue is how to be saved in different ways because people are suffering in this life, everyone is waiting to die, but no one has or had a solution. So, God made it in many different real stories that happened in history.

The Story of Noah

God wanted everyone to be good and old people went astray against the will of God, they worshiped idols.

They attacked all good things in this world. God chose to show them the result of what they do.

Before the flood, he chose this Noah and his family to be his witnesses and these good people made Ark and through this Ark, they gave the testimony to their generation that there is a real God, there is real goodness. And what the people are doing is bad, they have to repent. An invitation was given to everyone. if they want to repent and follow Noah but they refused.

God saved Noah and his family to symbolize the idea to give it an example of what salvation will be looking like because there was death and there was life. Through some kind of method or place that will take all these people to the life side, not on the death side, then the story is repeated in different versions.

Salvation out of Egypt

When it comes to Moses, there were deaths in Egypt. People were captives in Egypt, and they suffered pain and death. Then God sent Moses, and he saved his people. They followed Moses to the new life. They made it to the new land and they had it through the blood of a lamb, the blood of a sacrifice.

It started to give them the idea of redemption, how to be saved, released from captivity, live again, and new and good life.
Moses took these people with him and they passed through the water. So they had miraculous things happening with the help of God’s hands. God saved them, but because they lost their faith and they did not want to follow Moses they again, chose to be on the bad side and chose to go to hell.

In many stories happened, the salvation idea became more and more bright before the eyes of men, there is life, there is death and you may choose whatever you like.

Therefore, there is only one savior. God is the one who can save people through the church, the chosen people, and the knowledge of God,

May God bless you all. Amen.

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