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What is the Christian?

A Christian fellow is simply the one who understood his nature, his goal in life. The one who believed in God, the creator, the one who believed in the image of God, God created men on his image. So being a Christian meaning that you will restore the image of God. Now you will be like, God, you will be a God in your life , following the real God, the true God. So a Christian is the one who is Christ.

Like the perfect man ever seen because for Christ is not only a man, but he’s also God. But for me as a Christian, I look up to Christ to follow him, I follow him and I focus on his deeds, his teaching, I will be filled with his spirit all the time.

I want to achieve the goals Christ put in my life. So a Christian it like a man who is born again. He is not like any man. He is not the outcome of nature. He is not the outcome of evolution.

He is the outcome of the mind of God, God created men to be his son to be the child of God. So a Christian, meaning the child of God, the one who is living his life imperfection and the one who is aiming to live for. So at Christian, the one invited to live eternally and a Christian Guy with the one who is believing in the Bible, trying to put the Bible in practice all the time, a Christian fellow, the one who is always in love, showing his love to everyone for giving everyone, serving everyone, ready to help everyone all the time is not into the goals of this world.

He is not desiring the lusts of this world. Definitely he had the body , he is in flesh, but still the holy spirit. You know, guides his body is living by the spirit of God, much more than his living by his flesh desires. So a Christian, you can. See Christ in him, a Christian Guy. You can read the Bible in his life.

A Christian. You can taste the taste of heaven in his life. When you see a Christian, you will feel the joy of love and the peace of eternity. So come enjoy being a Christian.

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