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What is the Christian Offering?

Today, I want to speak about Christian offerings. We Christians believe in God, the holy Trinity, God, the father, the son, and the holy spirit. And we believe in the loving God and the living God forever. And because of our belief, we offer things to God.

We offer our prayers, our hearts ,our minds. We think of God, we love God and we serve God. And because God is a loving father to all men, so we offer God many things but specially our love to our neighbors, to all people, when we love people, when we serve people as if we are offering our real accepted sacrifices to God. Christians, the true Christians should be servants should serve Everyone, and should be ready to care for others, to deny themselves ,to forget about their pleasures and to enjoy pleasing others in the right way in the straightway, in the way of God.

Love is your first priority 

Because people in real need to be loved. So showing God’s love to people, that’s our offering to God. And God is very much happy with this offering because according to the teaching of the Lord, Jesus Christ , He made it like a priority, go and please your neighbor first, go and love your neighbor first, go and finish your problem with your people and then come and pray. That’s the teaching of God when we love each other, now we can touch God. We can enjoy eternal life now. 

Christians Offer themselves 

So when we speak about offering ourselves, We are ready to serve people in their needs, real needs, not the pleasures, but sometimes the pleasures are not the needs of humanity. People need real love, real care, the knowledge and to understand why they are here and where to go?, what to do?, and how to catch the afterlife?. So that’s the real need of human beings. So when we are into the needs of people, now we love them the way God is loving us all the time. And by Christian Love, we never, you know, expect to be rewarded because when we practice this Christian Love, we feel the fulfillment of our goals. 

Serve people freely like God

We feel our belonging to God as the children of God. Like God is offering all the love all the time freely , we have to serve people freely, we are not into our pleasures and our rewards, but we believe in the reward in the kingdom of heaven. We are all the time ready to help others. Sometimes we find the chances. Some other times we have nothing to do, but praying for people who are not accepting our love or our offerings.

We need to revise the meaning of love . Love is the common word used by many people, but in most of the cases, that’s not the real love. God showed his love when he sent his only begotten son to save humanity. Up to dying for people , So when we love people, we are ready to give them everything needed and specially eternal life through the knowledge of God, may God bless you all, Amen.

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