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Who Am I?

That’s a good question because people now speaking about men like animals like materialistic beings like theories evolved organism but you know according to the truth revealed in the Bible I am a man I am created on the image of God I am called to being God’s like I am the one who is much higher than all the creatures in this life.

I am the one who can speak to God and who can know God, I’m the one who had the mind who created many things in this world, I am the man who have a spirit and I can feel the life, I can understand things, I can think of the future, I am the philosopher of this world I’m the artist of this world.

I am the loving person in this world and I need to be loved I have desires and all my desires will be fulfilled in love, I can see myself an eternal person, I do not want to die, I do not want to be finished, I wish to live forever, I feel like I should live forever, I know I’m doing bad things, I know by heart that there are many faults many sins many bad things in my life, but I need to be saved, I need someone to help me, I feel like a weak guy some other time, I feel I’m very strong so I need to be guided, I need to be supervised.

I need someone to tell me where am I now and where should I go so believing in God will give me the meaning will give me the power will give me the value and will also give me a mission to live for after all these, I believe following God the one who created me and feeling the love of God enjoying relating myself always to him to his word to his will.

I can do many good things in this life and I think I will live forever because God is eternal and God loved me God created me to live with him eternally, that’s his wish and it’s also my wish so I need not to study science I need not to make money.

 I need to live my life in abundance, I live my life and love, I should practice God’s love in all my relations, I should think in a better way because, I’m a better person, I don’t want to be like animals just waiting to die, I don’t want to be like materials moving by the wind but, I want to being guided by God himself for the will of God to be fulfilled in my life god bless you all,

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