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How do Christians believe in the death of God?

A common question How can God die? Or how do Christians believe in the death of their god, which is not logic? Wait a minute. We need to understand the nature of our Lord Jesus Christ. Before answering this question, who is Christ for us?

We Christian look up to Christ Jesus as real God incarnate. He became man. He came into our flesh for our redemption. So originally he is God. And when we speak about God, he will never die. He will live forever. He is the source of life. He created all living creatures. 

He is before times. And he will last forever,ever lasting. So speaking about God, definitely he can never die, but because God came to save us and our major problem is death related to the corruption, to the sinful life, to the sicknesses, to the tribulations and hardships and hard times facing all men in this life ending with death, he came for our salvation. He came for our rescue because God loves men and God created man on his image. And because of the free will of men, men corrupted the image, the nature. 

So Christ came, God came into our nature, became a real man, a son of man in order to offer himself as a sacrifice. So before incarnation, God can never die because in his nature, there is no death, but after incarnation having a human nature , so having a human nature in himself, one person of two natures united together. The divine nature and the human nature with the human nature God can die. Because now he is a man and any man is liable to death. So he came to die according to his will to offer his life as the sacrifice he accepted to be killed.

 That was his plan as God , So when you understand the nature of the Lord, Jesus Christ, now you understand that the death is related to his physical nature his human nature. This can never touch his divine nature, but being one. One person, one nature out of two natures. Now the one who was crucified, the son of God, who is the son of man, the real God came to die, but because he had no flesh, he could never die. He had this flesh, he shared us in our nature in order to offer his body. Because of his love. Now God paid all the debts of all people. 

So when we believe in him, when we follow him, when we stick to him, when we trust in his salvation, in his redemption, in his blood, now we will be covered by his grace. The holy spirit, his spirit will dwell upon us. Will stay in our hearts. We will be the children of God. After his redemption, that’s the grade that the good news of the Bible. So we are not speaking about the death of God without incarnation. 

Actually, we speaking about God came into the flesh in order to die for men in order to offer himself as a ransom for all human beings. And he made it like a choice for everyone. If you want to believe, if you want to follow the real God who came for our salvation, you will be rewarded by his eternity. But if you refuse the offer, it’s all up to you. And that’s the belief of Christians. So we never push anyone, but that’s the truth revealed by God . He proved to be the son of God. 

He proved to be the real God, the real light. And by his redemption, he proved to be the savior. He saved us. If we follow the savior, we will be released from this life to enjoy eternal life glory to God. Amen.

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