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Jesus will come again

He promised and he did

Back to our program, faith capsules,
speaking about the last station. Now we are the believers in Christ. We believe in God, the incarnate, the one who came to save us. Jesus will come again, We are following him to catch his promise, eternal life what we call the kingdom of heaven. 

Jesus will come again because according to his promises, He promised to come and he came, he promised to die for us and he came and be crucified for us. He promised to rose from the dead and he did.

He promised to ascend to heaven and he did. Then he had another promise. He promised us that he will come again. He will come on the cloud on one day, the last day of this world’s life, the day of judgment.

And when Jesus will come again on the cloud, all people all generations will rise up from death. They will attend this minute, to see him by their eyes to make sure of the truth. but many people will cry out saying that we rejected him. We did not love him. We did not believe him. They will see the truth clearly, but they will be taken to the dark side because they chose to be on that side.

For the believers who loved him, who followed him, who were all faithful to him. They will be very much enjoyed. Because, they will see him face to face.  They will enjoy the life forever with the angels, and the saints.


How to enjoy heaven?

There will be another life, the new life of the kingdom of heaven, and this coming life. There is no death, no pain, no sin anymore. 

We will enjoy having this strong bond with God and with each other, forever. That’s the good news we delivered to everyone. So we are not speaking about this life, it will fly away very soon, but the next one will stay forever. 

That’s why we work hard for the next life for the kingdom of heaven. And the kingdom of heaven is given to us by the holy spirit because He is the king of heaven. 

The holy spirit and the kingdom of heaven are inside our hearts. So we can enjoy the taste of heaven now. We can enjoy the life of heaven now.

We can enjoy the peace of heaven from now. When we live spiritually filled with the spirit, loving everyone.  


Now we can enjoy this coming kingdom of heaven. That’s why we used to pray thankfully to God:

Our father in heaven Thy, Kingdom come, Thy will be done because we know that the will of God is to spread the kingdom of heaven over the earth, so let everyone come to be a member in the kingdom of heaven. 

So that’s the call for everyone to believe in God and the Holy Trinity. 

 Believe in God incarnate and in his redemption. Believe in the holy sacraments, in his gifts to be members fixed in his church. We believe that Jesus will come again and live forever.

May God bless you all Amen.

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