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Father’s Day: A Letter To A Helpless Father

Nowadays there is a great need to get back the real father figure. Unfortunately, most fathers seem to forget their main and actual role. Their role is to bring up emotionally and mentally stable children. Fathers, instead, strive to provide money believing it to be the most essential need. 

Bringing a child into our current confusing and technologically overwhelming world could be a challenge.

Children, nowadays

And more than ever, are in great need for ‘real’ fathers; they need their fathers to be present and available; they need them to be capable of spending quality time with them. They need to see their fathers as role models; a model from whom they can learn all that is righteous and true; a figure to whom they can always look up.

Like Father, Like Son

Infants and toddlers need to be carried around, hugged and kissed by their fathers; teenagers need to spend time playing and talking to their fathers. Children of all ages need to be attentively listened to by a ‘present’ father.

Fathers’ role was and will never be restricted and limited to merely bringing money or providing social security. It exceeds that by a lot.

Being a father is a huge responsibility. In order to be a perfect father, you need to be completely selfless. A father needs to forget his own needs and desires; he needs to focus mainly on his family – his wife and his children – needs and desires.

Dear Father

Dear father, loving and cherishing your partner – the mother – and having a perfect relationship with her is the best gift you can ever give to your children. You are simply inscribing in their little minds the real  model of love; a model that they will never forget.

When you are capable of doing so with all your family members, especially your partner. when you spend time together: talking, playing, communicating, watching TV, walking together. when you do activities together, only then they can savor joy and happiness. Your presence among your family is their main source of joy. 

Dear father, it is essential to be always alert that your main mission in life. It is being a father; it is not just a task: it’s a mission – a huge one. Only when you can be the good father you are supposed to be, your children one day will be great people.

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