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The Holy Body & The Holy Blood Of Jesus Christ

Back to our program, faith capsules: speaking about the new life and we, the believers in Christ. We were born again through the church to be his children. We have the Holy spirit through the sacrament of the Holy Myron. We will speak about the Holy body and Holy blood.

We are different from the world people, we are aiming at catching the kingdom of heaven. We are not busy much with these world things because we are. 

In the safe hands of our father, God is fully responsible for his children. And when we do bad things, we have the mercy door opened all the time for anyone to come to enjoy the forgiveness. 

But Christ knows that the weak nature of men may tend to do bad things like Adam desires. He gave us another great gift in our life to stick to him, through a great sacrament. The holy sacrament of Eucharist.  

We can enjoy being fixed bound to him through the holy body and holy blood of himself. So Christ before offering himself as a sacrifice on the cross, gave us a great sacrament.

holy body and holy blood

Nourishing your soul

He offered his body and blood to be like something eaten and drank by people.  that’s the gift of the new covenant! 

We eat his Holy body. We drink his Holy blood. Because we are his people.

So We need to nourish our spirits by coming closer to Christ himself. 

By taking his Holy body and Holy blood, now we are in the kingdom of heaven. That’s the work of the church in this world to nourish her children with the Holy heavenly body. 

When someone asks: how can Christ give his body? it’s a mystery. You cannot make it in a very literal way. because God can do miracles.

But when Christ speaks the truth, we have to believe in it. God spoke it this way: “This is my real body, eat it”. 

And We have to say Amen. if we accept this great gift and believe in the holy sacraments, we will abide in him. 

Now we are saved through him. That special food of The children of God will give them eternal life. Those are the words given by Christ and prayed daily at the church. We eat it for the forgiveness of our sin and the life forever. 

So we come happily to the church, in repentance, we are coming to have the Holy body and Holy blood. the children of God have the Holy eternity in our hearts. God bless you all Amen.

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