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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Acceptance

Acceptance… What do you think that means?

Does it mean to take the ‘other’ for granted, despite his/ her flaws? Does it mean to submissively and blindly follow the ‘other’ doctrines and teachings? Or, Does it mean to tolerate? Well, none is completely accurate.

Accept the different ones

Though we are supposed to accept others, we still have the right to be different, to speak our minds and hearts, to stand up for our doctrines and faiths.

Nowadays, and despite all the seemingly granted freedom, we are not allowed to object to others doctrines. It simply implies lack of respect, lack of acceptance and lack of tolerance. All of sudden we are accused of discrimination and you are being attacked.

We all have the same rights, if the ‘other’ has the right to speak his mind, we, the Christians, the followers of Christ and the Bible teachings, have that same right.

We, the Christians, followers of the scripture: the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, we see sins committed and commandments violated; we witness many immoral acts. Though we are totally against the sin, we are never to judge the sinners; rather we must accept them. Because we are also sinners. Not a single person is perfect. Every human being continually struggles to be sanctified and redeemed.

Acceptance and Freedom

However, accepting the sinner does not mean that we will accept the sin; a sin that is totally against our doctrine.

We, the Christians, have the right to teach our children what we believe in, because nowadays, the world is trying to teach the children – all the children – its own doctrine.

The world that calls for ‘freedom’ is no more giving the children the freedom to accept their own doctrines. This so-called freedom is totally against our commandments.

Also, The world is claiming that any teachings opposed to its teachings is considered as discriminating: is considered as non-acceptance.

It is essential to wisely and properly use those words: acceptance, tolerance and respect since the world is not using them accurately.

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