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ABC Marriage “A”: How to have a Christian attitude?

How do you view your partner?

Today we will start a series called ABC Christian marriage, “ A “ attitude, to have a Christian attitude towards your partner. It all was related to how do you view your partner? How do you see your husband or your wife? Eve when was created from Adam, Adam, looks up to his wife in a very gracious, respectful way, because he felt like she is part of him and he was very happily accepting this kind of partnership. That’s the key of being a Christian husband or Christian wife, when you view the partner as a gift of God, as an image of God because both Adam and Eve were created in the image of God. Definitely, you will deal in a better attitude, attitude of respect, forgiveness, sharing, loving, caring, honoring, and transparency.

The Christian view of the partner

So by saying attitude, it’s a very different attitude. You all know that in secular marital relationships, some people may not have this respected view of the partner. In some countries, the husband looks down to his wife and other countries. They may look to each other in a very physical sexual way. But in Christian worldview, we do have this great view of the partner. According to the words of the Bible in the book of Genesis, God created everything for Adam, and then he created Eve for Adam and Adam for Eve and God saw that this project of marriage was the best thing he had done. So when we look up to Christian marriage in the way, the Bible used to tell us this will affect everything in our life.

Revise your attitude

Try to revise your attitude towards your partner, because you can enjoy your life in a better way. When your attitude is different, you have to view the partner in a different way. And by this, you have a better standard of life together.

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