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Is Science stable and Is God debatable ?

God and Science

Science is stable, and science is convincing, but God is not obvious. If you study science, science is always changing. Science of yesterday is not the science of today. And some scientists were saying totally the opposite of today’s scientists. So we cannot just say science is always true, because this statement is contradicting the meaning of itself. And again, when we speak about God, God is not obvious.

Actually God cannot be seen by eyes because you can see limited things by eyes. And when we speak about science, we tend to respect observation and making results and repeating the experiments and proving some facts, okay,

But when we speak about God, God is beyond seeing, beyond the knowledge of men, but simply any logic, any scientific reasoning will go with the existence of God, because there should be some designer. There should be someone who started things to happen, and that’s very scientific, very reasonable and ignoring the start of anything, ignoring the smart intelligent mind behind all these creatures actually is totally against any scientific understanding.

Why can’t we see God?

Again, when you say that God is not obvious why you cannot see God in this universe??. Because when you look up to heaven and when you look down to see the earth, when you travel in the seas, you can see huge, very smart universe designed in a very complicated and mindful way.

So that’s an easy way to see God through his work and actually, when you look up to any man to see the genius setup of the cells of any human being, this will help you to respect the one who designed this man.

Science and Theories

I think you all know that evolution could never prove that man was evaluated haphazardly from any kind of plant cell or animal cell. You cannot defend this theory because it’s more than a theory, but the fact is obvious, men are living and they are getting generations and generations and these people are living in a smarter way than any animal, they met Civilizations, they made Philosophy, they made Arts so these will speak up, you know, about a great mind who started to put some level of mindful thinking in this creature called man.

So actually, when you think logically, when you use the reasons which usually the way of scientific understanding of anything, you will go with the existence of God, not against the existence of God.

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