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Does God Want Us To Be Happy?

Definitely, God is a loving father and much better than any father you ever imagine. So being a kind father, definitely, he loved to see his children happy and God created Adam and Eve to enjoy paradise.

But because they had free will, they separated themselves from God and his existence. So they love to live their life away from God. And because of this, they started to have all problems, not only death but suffering, sins, depression, and problems.
So, When we go back to God, we go back to joy and eternal happiness. God created us to enjoy his love as a father forever.

Sin is the anti-joy

Sin is the only thing that stands against the true joy of the spirit.
You may know that there are many types of joy now. Some types we may call the pleasures. The pleasures are not the real meaning of happiness.

When you avenge someone, you feel some pleasure, which is not a kind of true happiness; Because this hurts others. You have pleasure while eating food, but after that, you can have stomach aches and problems.

Fake Joy

So the pleasures of the body are not the real meaning of happiness. but happiness is related to God. He created men in his image. God is always related to expressing pure love. When you serve, give and care for others, you would feel some heavenly joy in your heart. It’s far away from the meanings of pleasures or these worldly pleasures.

How to be happy?

Again, the joy of God is in its abundant form. It’s in heaven. That’s why when we pray from all our hearts. we are filled with the holy spirit. So the taste of heavenly joy, we can have it from now. Some people may enjoy praying because they feel the peace of God.
They feel the joy of the spirit. They feel like filled with the grace of heaven by this. They can feel like God created us to enjoy, to have this unique joy from God. So when you come closer to God, you will live it in a better way.

You can taste the true joy as a gift from God. Again, when you hate someone, you stop having any joy.
Because of hatred, you are a prisoner in your selfish thoughts and emotions, you live on the dark side. You cannot enjoy anything in your life.

Joy of Giving

When you forgive others, you can start feeling the pleasure of God’s forgiveness and the grace of the spirit.
So, definitely God wants us to be happy, but in his way, not in our way.

The world is preaching some pleasures and happiness, which usually we will find out after some time that it’s very fake. And when you follow these pleasures, you are getting more depressed and void of pleasures.

But when you are on God’s side, you enjoy the life of giving. Also, You would enjoy the fruits of the spirit. You feel happy and will be waiting to be happier and happier in heaven. Briefly, feeling the presence of God all the time. May God bless you all, Amen.

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