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nature disaster

God is in Control Or It’s the Nature?

God turnes evil to good

Some people may ask: Is God the source of this plague? let us put it this way. God allows evil things to happen, but he always uses this evil in a good way. because he wants everyone to repent and return to him. So whatever is happening in this world is under the control of God.

God is in control

We cannot consider what’s happening related only to Nature and disasters of nature. Nature itself is in the hands of God. So please, we need to pray because he is the Pantokrator. He is the controller and he can solve the problem.

Repent and Pray

People do not want to listen to the warnings coming from heaven. Also, They want only to go back to their lives and stay in their way, living this life away from God. That’s why they are angry with God 

But actually, let me say it this way. God is the angry one now because most people left him behind. They wanted a life in their way, not in his way, but the solution is always in repentance and praying.
May God save all his children.

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