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ABC Marriage “E” 

“E” encouragement for any Christian couple they need to encourage each other. In these days we face many anxious people, depressed people, very much stressed people. So the pressures are always there . From the outside and sometimes from the inside, from the thoughts, from the feelings. So we need the partner, the intimate person to be always encouraging because the words of encouragement are very precious. They can give you life . 

They can give you some breath for enjoy life , so positive comments from both partners are always needed for whatever the partners doing. So when you comment your wife , that you are beautiful, I love you so much. I cannot do it without you. I need you always beside me. You are the best in this or that, whatever good comments you are telling her, this will empower her to do better, to continue her mission , to please you and again, when you look up to your husband and encourage him for whatever simply things he is doing, he will try to be better and to continue his mission.

So the environment of a house in which words of compliment and encouraging words are always there, that’s a very healthy atmosphere in which any children may grow up in a very healthy, psychological status because with these positive words, they will love to live. They will love to share and to speak freely and to feel happy . So the joy of life is so much related to the encouragement . And also for those who having the low self-esteem, they feel inferior. 

They feel like big failure. They are always competing with themselves to be better. These people are in real need to the words of encouragement . Sometime a warm touch is better than a warm word , but in all ways think of how to encourage your partner, in this way you will enjoy your life much more than before. May God bless you all , Amen .

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