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What is the Purpose of Evil?

Many people speak about evil and many people consider this plague kind of an evil thing but wait a minute because evil had two meanings in the Bible and are totally different from each other. The meaning of evil, like corruption, sinful acts, hurting others hurting them eternally, hurting them spiritually, separating them from God, from their eternal life, and some other painful experiences, tribulations, trials, and hardships, which may support the relationship with God and may push them to eternal life.

So there are two kinds of evil, evil considered by men, which is full of suffering , might not be an evil in itself because kinds of blessing people in order to push them the hard way to catch the kingdom of heaven. So for the believer, this evil is not considered any evil in itself because it’s from the hands of God, you know, kind of healing and treating his people by this, kind of medicine. So trials and hardships coming from the hands of the Lord are not considered evil in itself. God is always good. God is always righteous. So no evil in God and God is not pushing. Anyone to do evil, but to suffer like the suffering happened on the cross was never an evil thing in itself, but it was the gift of God to all human nature. And because of this crucifixion, God saved men. God opened the gates of eternal Happiness. So when we moved to the evil, according to the Bible teaching, evil is kind of separation from God’s will, when you break the commandment of God, when you choose to live your life away from God, that’s the perfect meaning of evil, because evil is the absence of goodness. Now we are not doing any good, but pain and suffering may do many good in your life. Sometimes it’s the best thing happening in your life is to suffer because through suffering, you can feel the suffering of others through suffering. You can pray better through suffering. You can gain many virtues, like wisdom, like humility, like patience. So, this is not evil in itself, but the other way, or the other different meaning of evil, like hurting one man or lying or doing bad things, that’s definitely evil in itself. So according to the Bible teaching let’s enjoy reading the situation correctly, because we will accept any pain from the hands of God, but we do not want to suffer this bad evil, which hurt us eternally. We are ready to suffer now, but we don’t like to suffer forever. May God bless you all, Aman.

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