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Why Pain?

Where is God in the natural disasters?

A common question. Where is God in natural disasters? We, Christians believe that God is love and God is the almighty God, God is always in control of this world. So whatever happening here or there , he it’s like under his control. So where is he in natural disaster? In order to understand the presence, the existence and the role of God in natural disasters, we have to understand the full story of, of the salvation. God created men on his image.

And because we men were created his image, we have a real free will to accept the goodness or to follow the evil way. And because of this free will men choose to follow devil ,because of this, they were separated from God, the source of goodness. And because of this, the disasters started to happen. 

These were the result of the fall of man. So we cannot say that. It’s like direct relationship between the sin of Adam and Eve and that the disasters but that’s the outcome because now the world is away from God, the creator, because of the free will of men now disasters are happening, all the, equations, all the norms of this world changed a lot because of the fall. And God became man to save men and God suffered being a man. He had to walk in the same way. He suffered from everything around him. He suffered poverty. He suffered injustice in his life and he promised us with another life. So we Christian do not focus much on this life, we consider this life is like a transit life. It’s the outcome of our fall ,off our sin. But the after life is the gift of God, the gift of the savior, our Lord Jesus Christ. 

So when we follow our Lord Jesus Christ, we will catch the kingdom of heaven in which there is no more disaster. So when we speak about the natural disasters, we speak about this life. And speaking much about this life will not solve the problem because no one could stop the disasters. The Lord himself came, but he suffered like any man, because his promise is not to change this worldly life, but to give us another afterlife, eternal life where there is no disaster . Also, when you look around and study any disasters happening, some of these disasters may relate directly to the will of man, like wars, like problems between people like killing someone like abusing people, like making money on the expenses of the poor, but other, disasters like earthquakes , famines or pandemics, you cannot see the role of men directly, but in all these tribulations God’s is very close to men for anyone. 

Start to pray. He feels the, the love of God. He feel the warmth of his love. He feel the guidance. He feels like God is guarding him through the tribulation and also promising him with the resurrection, with the afterlife. Also in these disasters, people could regain their image, God’s image being created on his image. Like people of love, we practice real love in tribulations in the times of disasters, because in suffering, you can see the real love people start to serve each other to care for each other. So you can see the real picture of men, which was disturbed because of the sinful selfishness of people also, you know, when you want to get rid of all these disasters this will happen soon, but not in this life. So no one loves to see the disasters for himself or others, but having this dream in our hearts like pointing at the afterlife.


We feel like there should be another life, a void of these disasters, and that’s the real promise of the creator, the one who came to save us. And he proved that by his resurrection and now he ascended to heaven and he’s waiting for all of us. He promised to come again and to take us to this kingdom of heaven. And he promised another life, a different life with no disasters. So in times of troubles, we can see God, we can see the hands of God. We can see the real love of people. We can live our real Christian loving care to everyone. And we will, look up to heaven, having hope in our hearts, waiting for the afterlife. May God bless you all, Amen.

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