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3 words to heal FEAR

Three words, conquer all fears. The first word is trust. When you trust in God, you conquer all fears you trust in His fatherhood. You trust in His love. You trust in His kindness. Your trust in His wisdom. He, the almighty God. He is your Father. He came to save everyone. So definitely he is working everything just for you. So when you have this trust, you can conquer fears. The second word is love. When you love everyone, you cannot just be scared of anything or anyone. By loving people. You conquer your fears. Just love everyone because you shouldn’t hate anyone. All people, you know, are in suffering and they need to be loved. And because of the pure love of God, dwelling upon every and each single man on earth, you can just spread the love of God by your love to everyone. When you love God and you love people, you do not have any kind of fear. The third word is simply hope, when you hope in heaven. In eternity. When you have hope in the promises of God. When you have hope in the power of God. When you, your eyes are fixed on the future kingdom of heaven. Now this hope will overcome all thoughts and, and conflicts of fears. So with the trust, love and hope you don’t have any fear in your life. And if you have any of these fears, you need to add upon, you need to increase, you need to grow, in faith, in trusting God more, you need to grow in having more hope in your heart, you need to love God and people

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