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Is there a Heaven? What is there in heaven?

Is there a Heaven?

Definitely. We see heaven, but that’s not the heaven spoken about in the Bible. The Bible speaks about eternal life, different life after life, life, after death, and life after this life. And because of this, we believed God became a man to speak about the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God after this life. And in this life, you choose to go to heaven. You pray for the father in heaven, our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. So living in this life, we feel present. 

We feel loneliness, dispreads, fears, sins, sicknesses, hatreds, and many problems. So we wish to have a different life. We are hoping for another life, and that’s the promise of God and that’s originally the plan of God, God created men to live forever. And because of our free will, corruption happened, and death entered our nature.

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What is in there?

So Christ came to conquer death and to transform man into a new creature and you man. So he gave us another humanity. Better one. And for this human nature, the new one is promised with eternity. So believing in Christ, living a different life, living a real Christian life, living with the holy spirit. Now we are aiming at heaven, aiming at eternal life. And we cannot easily imagine what happened looks like because we cannot speak about heaven in these earthly terms. 

The dictionary of this life will not suit the coming life. So it’s beyond imagination, but we can imagine easily some kind of life, void of all negative. There are no deaths, pain, suffering, darkness, night, sins, or anything bad. And also there is purity. the abundant life of peace, joy, and love.

So when you imagine this kind of perfect life, you can catch the kingdom of heaven. You can know what’s waiting for you. So when you. Focus on the calming life. Your life now will be different because you are working for the far future, not the coming days, but the future life, the life after these days. 

So believing in heaven will make you like a heavenly man, So you will not live your life as you used to do, but you will live your life differently. You will preach the calming life. You will preach the perfect life. You will be the son of God and hope to have the eternal life of God for his children. May God bless your older man.

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