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Feeling Secure   

How to feel secure?

Trust in God

So we need to grow in trusting God by reading the Bible by keeping the promises given in the Bible, in our hearts, by praying with the words given in the Bible. By speaking about God and his character.

And also speaking about the promises given in the Bible, by looking up to heaven, always and seeking the help from God himself and trusting.

 Not only like in people or in money or in science, no, please get away of these things because you can never trust in them much but you can trust God because he, the almighty and he’s full of love our God, the God of love. And because he love everyone, he is doing the best for everyone . 

Believing so you will feel the security and you will feel the peace of God. And also when you spend more time with God praying and having this quality time, you will feel the peace of heaven because God promised to give his peace to his people. 

But this you can never catch without spending some time enjoying his presence , enjoying the spirit of God, enjoying feeling spiritual man, because you are now closer to God. So let’s enjoy the security of God by trusting him day after day. May God bless your all man.

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